Mentornet recently offered a learning programme on “Assist and Support learner to manage their learning experiences (Mentoring)” based on unit standard 117865.

The fact that the learner group was well aware of the importance of completing the course successfully (not only for gaining skills and being competent against the unit standard), it was noticeable that there was a good synergy that remained like this for the duration of the programme.

This positive attitude towards learning also contributed hugely during class discussions and activities amongst the group. The learner group comprised out of just women that were all managers. Despite this I enjoyed the group due to their never ending eagerness to learn more and their drive to participate and share their experiences with the rest of the group.

Some of the remarks recorded by learners on their respective individual feedback reports included the following:

Excellent presentation done to ensure that learners get value for their money.

  • Expressions allowed by all members ensured that shared learning could also take place.
  • Experiences gained that are very appropriate for implementation in my workplace.

One thing that I observed from engaging the group of learners on day one was the work ethic and positive synergy. This level of synergy did not drop once during the week even when some of the exercises tested the group on a high level.

 As fellow facilitators/learners, what is your experience in this regard where a diverse group of learners maintained such a positive spirit and high level of synergy during a programme? Secondly, how did it also made you feel as a fellow learner or being the facilitator of such an event?

Roberto Alexander