An integrated conduct and design assessment course took place from the 6-10 th March 2017. 13 individuals attended the course- most learners were from different fields of study. Learners with different experience and backgrounds were on this course which proved to be quite dynamic throughout the week.

There was not much time at all to go into deep discussions, especially if it did not relate to the topic of the course-learners discussions and time for discussion was limited and observed to ensure time used was effective. Learning ran smoothly, many questions were asked and a great deal of interest was shown by all the learners. This was a pleasure to facilitate for these learners- they were open, friendly and wanted to learn which made the facilitation process wonderful!

The learners were assessed on the theoretical aspects of the course on Thursday and Friday morning as 2 tests are written. All the learners achieved great results for both tests and all were found competent with excellent results. Most learners will submit their practical assessments within 30 days, while others have already submitted theirs. The week spent together with the learners was enjoyable and communication processes flowed in all directions.

Thank you to Mentornet for the opportunity to facilitate this course, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with the learners.

Sincerely yours

Jennifer Fry