Mentornet offered a learning programme on “Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-Based Assessments” based on unit standard 115759.

The vast majority of the learner group that attended the learning programme was experienced in having exposure to assessment practices within their respective environments.

Some of the remarks recorded by learners on their respective individual feedback reports included the following:

*     I have learnt various aspects and the way it was presented made it very easy for me to understand it.

*     Reviewing of moderation aspect on a daily basis ensured that I could see the process unfolding without being left behind.

*     The facilitator knew how to interact with learners to ensure individuals mastered and understood the unit standard.

Despite the fact that a few learners found the programme challenging, they still expressed their views of enjoying the programme. This was said as for many learners, it was their first exposure in the moderation environment. The learner group was also very positive in wanting to share experiences and also to learn more on the field of moderation.

Something to think about and maybe respond to by other facilitators/ learners:

Do we continuously emphasize to learners that no matter how challenging learning may be that we must never forget that enjoyment must also be part of their learning processes?


Roberto Alexander