It was a good week of training Assessors.  our learners really challenged themselves this week by stepping into a world they were not so familiar with.

Most of them are technical employees and have taken on the task to be workplace assessors for their organization.  The learners were curious and showed that they have a genuine interest in contributing to the Skills Development Initiatives within their organization and making the necessary changes that needed to e made in terms of training.

The learners enjoyed the course and they were active participants. The learners have stated that within their field of work they have to be their brothers keepers.  They linked this well with how an improvement, in the way in which assessment are conducted, can yield a change in attitude within their learners and students.

The learners most especially enjoyed the feedback component of the course, where a lot is discussed on how feedback can be used to improve quality and performance.  They also gave insight to this topic and enjoyed sharing their past experiences.


Sincerely yours


Zanele Tshabalala