14-18 AUGUST Midrand: US117865; 117874 & 117877 INTEGRATED MENTORING & COACHING

Unit standard title: Perform one-on-one training on the job.

Unit standard Identification number: 117877.

NQF Level: 3.

Number of credits: 4.


Unit standard title: Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities.

Unit standard Identification number: 117874.

NQF Level: 5.

Number of credits: 6.


Unit standard title: Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences.

Unit standard Identification number: 117865.

NQF Level: 4.

Number of credits: 5.


Dates for contact learning:  14-18 August 2017

Number of learners.  8

Area: Eskom Academy of Learning

Learner feedback:

“The facilitator knows the subject and presents it very well”

“The given time was honoured and maintained”

“The material is useful”

“The value I got out of the course is good”

“Nicely structured, exercises help with applying oneself”


Course feedback:

I am confident that the learners who underwent the training, will go back to their workplace and have meaningful conversation and implement what they have learned on the course, although it has been a challenging week, due to one learner being difficult, we were able to recover from this and reminded that when necessary it is acceptable to fight as if you ignore the situation, it could become worse. One should always remember that training in any shape or form is a vital part of any persons development and should be proud to be granted an opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with learners.


Zanele Tshabalala