21-24 AUGUST Mentornet: US119665 HUMAN RIGHTS

Unit standard title: The concept of human rights and democracy and its application in society

Unit standard Identification number: 119665

NQF Level: 5

Number of credits:


Dates for contact learning:  21 – 24 Aug 2017

Number of learners.  18

Area: Gauteng



Learner feedback: Human rights are basic to humanity. They apply to all people everywhere. An understanding of human rights is an important part of our individual status as human beings and of our collective status as members of the global community of humankind.


To understand how human rights affect us in our daily lives and to

acknowledge our responsibilities in recognising the need to balance those rights with the rights of others, we require an understanding of what human rights are. In South Africa, this list of human rights is contained in the Bill of Rights, Chapter 2 of the South African Constitution, the highest law in the country. This Human Rights Day, which is celebrated annually on 21 March, make sure that you know and understand your human rights. This will help you defend yourself if your rights are violated.


Course feedback:

The group had a positive attitude towards developing their knowledge with regards to human rights. I could see that they enjoyed the course and understood the practical importance of fundamental understanding and the skills to apply the knowledge in their worlds of work and living. I enjoyed the learner’s positive participation and the high level of interaction that prevailed throughout the course among me and them, displaying also responsibility towards their own learning and development.


One of the interesting discussion we had in the class was the importance of developing a human rights culture in South Africa. To build a culture of human rights, it is important for every citizen to know their rights and understand their responsibilities. The Constitution protects and promotes human rights for all people in South Africa.


 Christine du Toit