Occupational Certificate: Training and Development Practitioner

SAQA ID: 101321

Level: 5

Credits: 190

Purpose of the course

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Learning and Development Practitioner.

A Learning and Development Practitioner plans, writes learning objectives, selects and adapts learning resources required for the delivery of learning interventions, and facilitates learning in an occupational context.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Co-ordinate learning within an occupational context.

  • Establish and refine learning and development needs within occupational contexts.

  • Conceptualise, plan and implement occupationally relevant learning and development interventions.

  • Facilitate learning in a variety of occupational contexts.

  • Evaluate the impact of learning and development interventions within an occupational context.

Course rationale:

The development of the national skills base within South Africa, as supported by legislation, national policies and strategies is an undisputed priority. Equitable human development that supports an inclusive economic growth path, addresses recognised skills shortages and a reduction in high levels of unemployment, will only be achieved through an educated, skilled and capable South African workforce. This qualification is an essential building block in realising these national priorities.

Many of the skills development priorities, nationally and within companies and organisations, are met through the efforts of learning and development practitioners, and this qualification addresses the key competencies of such practitioners.

The qualification will increase the employment prospects of Occupational Learning practitioners, while helping to ensure quality and competence within the Occupational Learning field.

The qualification further supports the continued development of key established employment opportunities associated with occupationally directed education and training, including, skills development facilitation, assessment practitioners and Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) practitioners as part qualifications.

The qualification also places emphasis on the educational strategy that provides learners with real-life work experiences where they can apply knowledge and technical skills, and develop their employability through work based learning. This qualification recognises the need for qualified practitioners that are competent in planning and facilitating work based learning interventions, as a part qualification. This will achieve the need for qualified persons who are able to support workplaces and learners with the implementation of work experience components of learnerships, internships and apprenticeships.

The qualification is designed to meet the competency profile of persons delivering learning and development services, at the interface of the delivery of learning and development services within the occupational qualification framework. This recognises a further need for professional development at higher levels of learning and development research, planning, design and impact assessment.

Learning assumed to be in place and recognition of prior learning

The minimum requirement for entry into this qualification is:

  • A National Senior Certificate with communication.

  • OR A National Certificate (Vocational) at NQF Level 4 with communication.

  • OR An equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification with communication.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

RPL for access to the external integrated summative assessment: Accredited providers and approved workplaces must apply the internal assessment criteria specified in the related curriculum document to establish and confirm prior learning. Accredited providers and workplaces must confirm prior learning by issuing a statement of result or certifying a work experience record.

RPL for access to the qualification: Accredited providers and approved workplaces may recognise prior learning against the relevant access requirements.

Exit level outcomes

  1. Analyse learning and development needs, within an occupational context, compile learning and development plans and reports and guide stakeholders on learning and development trends, practices and quality assurance.

  2. Schedule, coordinate implements and evaluate an occupationally relevant learning and development intervention.

  3. Coordinate and manage learning and development within an occupational context.

  4. Facilitate learning in an occupational context utilising adult learning principles and techniques.

  5. Plan, implement and evaluate work based learning interventions in an occupational context.

  6. Plan and conduct assessments in a variety of occupational contexts.

Qualification rules

This qualification is made up of the following compulsory Knowledge and Practical Skill Modules:

Knowledge Modules:

  • The statutory learning and development environment, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Learning and development management functions, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Organisational learning and development needs analysis, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Facilitation of learning in an occupational context, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Assessment principles and practices, Level 5, 4 Credits.

  • Workplace learning and development planning, evaluation and reporting, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Work based learning, Level 5, 6 Credits.

Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 50 Credits.

Practical Skills Modules:

  • Manage and coordinate logistics, facilities and financial resources, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Plan, conduct and report on a learning and development needs analysis, Level 5, 16 Credits.

  • Plan the delivery of an occupational learning intervention, Level 5, 16 Credits.

  • Facilitate different methodologies, training styles and techniques within an occupational learning context, Level 5, 12 Credits.

  • Facilitate experiential work based learning, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Plan and conduct the assessment of learner competencies, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Evaluate the impact of learning within an occupational context, Level 5, 8 Credits.

Total number of credits for Practical Skill Modules: 76 Credits.

This qualification also requires the following Work Experience Modules:

  • Conduct learning and development management practices, Level 5, 12 Credits.

  • Conduct skills development facilitation (SDF) processes as required for mandatory grant payments, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Conduct learning and development planning and implementation processes, Level 5, 12 Credits.

  • Facilitate an occupational learning session, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Facilitate a work based learning and development process, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Conduct assessments of learner competence, Level 5, 8 Credits.

  • Conduct an evaluation of the impact of learning within an occupational context, Level 5, 8 Credits.

Total number of credits for Work Experience Modules: 64 Credits.

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