As you might know or might have heard along the grapewine…
Mentornet is attempting accreditation with the Council of Higher Education for the degree in Bachelor of Education: Occupational Learning.

However this has not been a very easy task…

So we asked the public for their support in this regard and give us feedback on who would be interested in such a qualification.

Now first of all, we always knew that there existed a need for this qualification and we had many discussions with our learners in this regard and it is because of these discussions that we decided to try our utmost in making it a reality for them. They truly believe in Mentornet and our capabilities and focus in the OD ETD field.

We sent out a letter requesting their support and feedback in regards to accreditation for this degree. The response thus far has been immense and the support overwhelming!

In the first day we had 61 people who responded in their support. Halfway through the second day (today) we were standing on 84 people. This is just the beginning!

We are currently working on an online submission form where you can go and give your support so watch this space for further info.
Thank you to everyone who offered their support thus far!

You can contact me (Evette) on to offer your support